Winmau MVG TRILOGY 21.5g Darts Review



タイトル:Winmau MVG TRILOGY 21.5g Darts Review A review of the New Winmau Michael Van Gerwen MVG Design Trilogy darts. These are from Winmaus new 2023 product launch. Its a MVG style straight barrel dart with a nice black and gold colour coating.

For more info be sure to check the Winmau site here:

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Video Index:

00:00 Intro
00:29 Dart Info
00:47 Box & Contents
01:39 Close Look
03:52 Detailed Dimensions
04:25 Weight
04:54 Balance
05:11 Grip Levels
05:23 Darts In Action
09:48 Flight Slow-Mo
10:35 Wrap Up
11:52 Gallery
12:16 End

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