Darts Review Channel 10th Year Anniversary Giveway


タイトル:Darts Review Channel 10th Year Anniversary Giveway

http://www.dartsreviewchannel.com/ Hey Darts Nutz! Can you believe its been ten years since I started Darts Review Channel! Neither can I, time flies! Anyway June 20th 2012 was when it all started so to celebrate I am doing a special prize giveaway for all the loyal subscribers to the channel.

There is three chances to win as three separate prizes of some great darts!

First Prize is a set of Shot Devon Petersen Courage darts

Second Prize is a set of Red Dragon Peter Wright Black Racer darts

Third Prize is a set of Mission Connor Scutt darts

For a chance to win this great prize you just need to be a subscriber to the channel and comment on this video, thats it!

You can subscribe here: https://bit.ly/390373D

Anyone anywhere in the world can enter.

The closing date for entries is Sunday 3rd July 2022 6PM GMT.

I will try to post the winners video same day.

Good luck and Happy Darting! 🙂

#WinDarts #10thAnniversary #SubscriberGiveaway

Disclaimer: This draw is entirely my own doing, Youtube and the brands mentioned above are not liable for this.

Also check out our darts forum with over 19,000 members from all over the world! We have lots of great info and darts advice and chat. There is many sections that can help with improving your game such as Darts Practice Routines, Tips and Advice. Its a very friendly forum so join the Darts Nutz community and be Darts Nutz!

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