Portrait in Darts -Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor- Official Final Trailer




タイトル:Portrait in Darts -Phil 'The Power’ Taylor- Official Final Trailer

■Here comes The Power!

“Portrait in Darts” – this unique and high quality film series capturing professional darts players’ techniques and personalities is the new standard of how-to DVDs for darts fans. The collection’s 5th DVD features Phil Taylor, also known as The Power!
Reveal the living legend’s “stacking" of his darts career, technique and mentality. Let this film take you on a journey to explore his roots! This never-seen-before content will make your heart dance
and move your soul. Find great quotes beneficial for all darts players!
There is as just as many answers as there are darts players…The much-awaited “Portrait in Darts -Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor – ” is coming soon!

ダーツHOW TO DVDの新定番、『Portrait in Darts』。既存の作品とは一線を画した映像クオリティによって、プレイヤーの技術論・人間的魅力に迫る本シリーズ。通算5作目となる今作では、The Powerことフィル・テイラーを徹底分析! 


視点の数だけ、答えがある―― 『Portrait in Darts – Phil 'The Power‘ Taylor -』、近日発売予定 !